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Developing CMS websites to allow clients to manage their own content going forward

A Content Management System (CMS) is a platform which converts a static website into a dynamic website. With a static website the content is created using HTML so only developers with coding knowledge can update the website, but with a dynamic CMS based website it allows people with no coding knowledge to update the content.

We primarily use WordPress (our preferred CMS of choice) and Drupal 7 for web projects, which are both free to use open source platforms with millions of websites on both, but we’ve worked with dozens of other platforms over the years both open source and bespoke. A fantastic benefit of using a CMS such as WordPress is due to the popularity the documentation, support and range of plugins/modules is extensive. With there being many plugins/modules available, a piece of functionality which may ordinarily take a substantial amount of time to develop can be often be produced utilising a plugin/module in a fraction of the time, therefore reducing the project cost.

An eCommerce (online shop) project uses a suitable CMS platform to provide an online shop to users. With the use of a suitable open source eCommerce platform it provides the core for a powerful base to develop a bespoke online shopping experience, allowing users to easily navigate and purchase products.

Benefits of CMS
Open Source

CMS platforms are open source so they’re free to use, can be modified to suit every project and are well supported.


An eCommerce compatible CMS platform provides a stable environment to build an online shop. Products and orders can be easily maintained by even an inexperienced admin.


CMS platforms are flexible so they can be updated by a wide range of developers going forward to develop the website in further phases.


Security updates are released by contributors and developers for the system and plugins/modules to keep them as secure as possible. Also only approved administrators can modify the website.

“With schools typically having a poor online presence we thought it was important to break the trend. The guys certainly did that with our website and our pupils love it!”

Tracy Pollard - Headmistress of Abbey Gate College
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