Approach The process and methods used for digital projects

Employing an objective and considered approach to all projects

Since becoming a limited company in 2013 Netfuel Ltd has served a variety of clients within a wide range of industries. Our experience spans back further than our formation into the early 2000s when it was standard practice to build websites using the good old fashioned limited tables method.

When it comes to design or development projects we always use the same tried and tested approach that has proven successful throughout the years. From our initial client consultation(s) right the way through the project and deployment, we ensure all bases are covered. Our clients’ goals and expectations are kept at the forefront of our minds throughout the journey.

1. Devise

We highlight the requirements and goals for each project, then formulate the necessary specification and structure to ensure that everyone is reading from the same page. We research the industry and target market in order to make each project have the biggest impact, ultimately providing the best ROI. Throughout the project we refer to plans and conduct regular reviews to be sure we are heading in the right direction.

2. Design

When it comes to first impressions you only have one opportunity to make it count. We utilise our creative flair along with our extensive experience to design projects that stand out from the crowd. We make digital marketing exciting and send customers the right message; that our clients are a level above the competition.

3. Develop

We build projects using the latest coding standards whilst pushing the boundaries of what is possible to give users the best and most memorable experience. We ensure the user journey is intuitive and smooth in order to reach their end goal. Our websites are responsive so they are accessible throughout the many different devices used today.

4. Deploy

Once our projects are built we follow a strict QA process including extensive testing using an online testing platform which emulates real devices and operating systems to ensure that they work seamlessly across platforms and devices. Once the project has been reviewed and signed off we deploy on a stable environment and ensure everything post-launch is ticked off.