Halton Taxis Details of the website project

A professional website allowing customers to quickly and easily book a taxi whilst on the move

Halton Taxis is one of our local clients who came to us having been recommended by a fellow client. They had a website that was built in the late 2000s which despite serving as a good nostalgia trip was far past its sell by date and could not be used on mobile devices.

The website direction was to create a new corporate led website which is responsive so it would work seamlessly across mobile devices as well as desktop machines, which with the nature of the business is absolutely vital with customers needing easy access whilst on the move in order to book a taxi. The website has set the standard, particularly for what is a relatively small business and operating area, when it comes to giving customers a good online experience.

In addition we suggested that as part of the project we could develop a fare calculator which would allow customers to input their collection point and destination in order to see how much their journey will cost. This has proven to be a fantastic move and is the most popular aspect of the website with hundreds of weekly visitors using the tool, and once the price is presented to the customer there is a call to action allowing them to call to book with a single click.

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“Although we had a strong bond with our 10 year old website we knew it was time for a new one. Netfuel guided us through the entire process making it stress free, and delivered a website that set gives us the edge.”

Steve Bond - Halton Taxis