Bangor-On-Dee Racecourse Details of the website project

Designing and developing a new website and sales integration for a niche market

In 2016 we designed and developed a new website and sales platform integration for Bangor-On-Dee racecourse. We liaised closely with the client through the initial project scope, structure planning and research phases in order to structure a website which would create a smooth journey for users to reach their end goal, whether that be to find the information they require or to buy tickets.

Following our collaborative planning process we designed a website which ticked every box. We reationalised particular features of the website and included revolutionary effects to make the experience even better which the client was excited about.

We built the website, integrated into a Content Management System (CMS) allowing staff to make updates going forward, before integrating with an external booking system which makes the transition seamless.

This project set the benchmark for future business and proved to be a long way ahead of its time with the booking integration being seamless. Many other clients of the sales platform were impressed and used elements of the integration to improve their own websites.

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“We have many globally recognised clients but the integration that Netfuel has produced for Bangor-On-Dee Racecourse is the best we’ve worked with. “

James Cavanagh - Talent