Email Marketing Email campaign design and development

We design and develop beautiful email campaigns used for targeted marketing

Times have evolved since the days of cold calling, direct mail and knocking door to door. Technology has evolved to a level that allows us to reach out worldwide, at a fraction of the cost of many old methods.

Over the past 10 years we have created hundreds of email campaigns, both for SMEs and blue chip companies throughout Europe and USA. An impressive email campaign can make a big impression so designing an email that catches the eye, along with it working perfectly across the multitude of popular email clients and devices, gives companies the best chance of achieving the targets set out when planning the campaign.

Whether it is a small business targeting local customers or a large company targeting customers worldwide the same rules apply – design, proper functionality and content is key. We can look after the whole aspect of a campaign making our clients’ lives easy.

We also integrate into systems such asĀ MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, DotMailer, HubSpot and any other platform that allows for custom templates.

Integrate into software

We have worked with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, DotMailer, HubSpot and many more powerful marketing platforms so we’re comfortable with integrating templates into any suitable platform.

Mobile friendly

We create mobile friendly emails that adapt to smaller screen sizes on mobile devices to give a better user experience.

Bulletproof Code

We use the proper (old school) method of tables, rows and columns which works perfectly with the wide range of email clients available.

Track interaction

With most email marketing platforms we can enter tracking snippets so that admins can track interactions to determine success.

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